01 August 2010

Josh Atlas

1. Where and how would you display your work in an ideal situation?
I want my work to be able to find its way into as many homes as possible. Because I aim to put a lot of my personality into my work, being in some one's home becomes a way to form a personal relationship. The work can spend time with the viewer. That allows the meaning/value to become something truly personal to them.

2. If expository writing is good at elucidating and proving a point and
descriptive geometry gives us the tools by which to map objects in space
in relation to one another, what kind of an apparatus does art afford us?
What does art do best?
I can't remember who to attribute the quote to, but I'm going to go with "Art is just an excuse for people to fall in love."

3. What can you expect from your audience/fans/viewing public? What would you
like them to know about your work?
Because my work is based in comedy, I want to challenge the way the viewer internalizes the piece. Rather than simply remembering a description, I hope that they will come up with a joke that compliments the piece.   

4. Marcel Duchamp said - "Enough with retinal art!" What is your reaction as an artist to this statement?
Joyful agreement! Most art is still best viewed and experienced in physical space (as opposed to a digital form). If an artist is going to demand that a viewer needs to visit a specific location to see their work, then they owe it to the viewer to create a more full body experience.

5. Do you think that there is still room for art movements in today's
pluralistic climate?
Yes. Perhaps more than ever. As people get more and more connected, a variety of visual forms will take hold with new and varied audiences. The artist does not need the traditional means of success (a solo show at MoMA) to reach a community that finds value and meaning in what you do. 

6. What is one question you wished we had asked you about your art? Please
feel free to answer it.
Do you have any upcoming exhibitions?

I will have work in the Wassaic Project Festival, in Wassaic, New York. The festival runs from August 13-15. More information can be found at www.wassaicproject.org

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